Ugly Truth > Pretty Lies

Love and sex, like wealth, are available only to the lucky few. The rest of us toil in imposed silence.


The Pursuit of Happiness Leads Only to Misery

Last night, I asked a girl out for the first time in 3.5 years. She’s from my hometown and lives a few blocks from me. Works in a field that overlaps with much of my activism. But She already has a boyfriend, of course. This is what happens every time, and it’s why I don’t bother and will never have a romantic relationship no matter what I do. Women won’t ask men out (because feminism!), and NTs don’t know or care how sensitive autistic people are.

People in relationships are happier and live longer. Masturbation doesn’t confer the same health benefits as partner sex. I keep losing friends to spouses and kids while I can’t have any. But we’re a society that only treats sensitive men with disgust. It’s odd that we spay and neuter pets but not people with no hope of experiencing love or sex.

Quick Life Update from Monday Afternoon

I moved the last of my things out of the apartment yesterday. Today I shipped my old Comcast equipment back to them. The apartment is empty and very clean now. I took a bunch of pictures. The manager should be here shortly to take my keys back and do my move-out inspection. I really hope I get my whole deposit back. If so it would pay for the movers and cleaners I hired.

Then I have a few errands to do downtown and in Columbia City before heading home to spend some time with┬ámy cat, then back to West Seattle and the dogs. Most of this week will remain hectic. Tuesday night I’m going to a taping of The 206 TV (thanks to winning one of their “Where in Seattle are We?” contests on Facebook), I finish the dogsitting job Wednesday night, my arraignment is Thursday morning, and I have a dog gig down the street over the weekend. Meanwhile I have overdue paperwork for my disability application, and the job process with AXA keeps moving forward.

Seattle Monorail Should Accept ORCA Cards

img_7284Dear Councilmembers Godden, Harrell, and Rasmussen:

I often disagree with the Seattle Transit Blog, but for once, they’re absolutely right. You should require the Seattle Monorail, in the next 10-year agreement, to install ORCA readers so it can accept the cards, and riders can use them on the monorail. The monorail is a great asset, offering fast and frequent trips most of the day. Yet most of us never ride it (really just tourists, it seems) because its fare payment isn’t integrated with the rest of Seattle, King County, and Puget Sound transit. This doesn’t make sense and makes our region’s transportation options needlessly complicated and confusing. The lack of coordination between Metro and Sound Transit alone (the latter will implement the low-income fare on Link but not express buses–so riding a bus from downtown to Kirkland, Kent, or Shoreline will cost $1.50, but to Bellevue, Redmond, or Issaquah–or the U. District to Kirkland, but not to Bellevue–will cost $2.50) is bad enough; not to mention one monorail line, one streetcar line (one built yet forever delayed), one light rail line, WSDOT ferries, King County “water taxis”, Link and Sounder fares based on distance, Metro fares based on zones, time of day, and day of the week, local Metro buses, six Rapid Ride lines, and ST regional express buses (which often resemble Metro routes like 41, 71/72/73, or 255). It’s enough to make your head spin.
Bad policies and poor coordination lead to inefficient choices on the part of the individual, and distorted use of our transit system and assets on the whole. They cost us time, which in many ways is the least renewable resource of all. If we could use ORCA cards on the monorail, imagine the road congestion we could reduce and precious Metro service hours we could free up to reinvest in the system. Put the monorail on the ORCA map.
On a related note, the monorail passes right through dense, tall Belltown without stopping there. Belltown has high-capacity transit options on its edges (Link, transit tunnel), but not really within its borders. It’s also halfway between Seattle Center and Westlake. I strongly encourage you to study adding a Belltown stop to the existing monorail line. I suspect it would be highly cost-effective.