The Pursuit of Happiness Leads Only to Misery

Last night, I asked a girl out for the first time in 3.5 years. She’s from my hometown and lives a few blocks from me. Works in a field that overlaps with much of my activism. But She already has a boyfriend, of course. This is what happens every time, and it’s why I don’t bother and will never have a romantic relationship no matter what I do. Women won’t ask men out (because feminism!), and NTs don’t know or care how sensitive autistic people are.

People in relationships are happier and live longer. Masturbation doesn’t confer the same health benefits as partner sex. I keep losing friends to spouses and kids while I can’t have any. But we’re a society that only treats sensitive men with disgust. It’s odd that we spay and neuter pets but not people with no hope of experiencing love or sex.


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