Sleep Trouble 

I slept for 17 hours last night and today. I missed a call for a temp job and a doctor appointment. I woke up at 4am after a recurring nightmare with my pillow, comforter, and sheets all soaked in sweat. It took me a long time to calm down, and the bed was still wet.


Even Those Rejected for Disability Do Poorly in Labor Market

CBPP blog post

Even those who apply for benefits and are rejected — because they don’t meet DI’s strict eligibility criteria — fare very poorly in the labor market. Barely half have any earnings two years after application, and the average amount earned is very low. In contrast, workers of the same age who don’t seek DI benefits are likely to work and have substantial earnings.

11 Year Old Girl Raped, Disbelieved, Arrested

This girl was a crack baby abused as an infant. She was raped twice when she was 11, but the police never investigated either because her story–confused by trauma and mental illness–had inconsistencies common to trauma survivors. Instead, they arrested her and had her convicted for filing a false report. More than a decade later, justice has not been served. There should be no surprise whatsoever that rage at the police in this country has been brewing for a long time and is finally rising to the surface.

The Atlantic on a Basic Income

I didn’t realize there were already basic income activists living off of crowdfunded basic incomes. That seems fine as a means to the end, but ultimately it’s not guaranteed unless it’s funded publicly. Labor unions and feminists, among others, ought to be natural supporters. If our existing social safety “net” costs $1 trillion/year, that’s enough to pay every American ~$3000 annually–well below the poverty line, but an amount found to substantially reduce poverty.

“Santens’ crowdfunding foray has been embraced not only by liberals or progressives who are warm to government benefits but by some libertarians as well, such as Matt Zwolinski, a philosophy professor at the University of San Diego. In his view, a basic income would shrink the bureaucratic nightmare of the current $1 trillion social safety net.”

Basic Income Washington 

I stopped on my way home from the grocery to do my DSHS food stamp “interview”. (You have to call right at 8am or risk waiting on hold for a very long time) They said I can’t because it’s too early. You can’t win with these people. They told me to call back Monday, which is Memorial Day. When I noted that, they suggested I wait until June 15th, which I believe is past the due date they gave me in the letter they sent. 

Part of me would love to start a non-profit to work for a basic income in Washington state. Basic Income Washington. I’d hate raising money, and there are some things I’d have to learn, but I know I could do it. It would mean staying here much longer instead of emigrating to Europe, and working very long hours. I’d love to research and produce reports showing how little it would cost after replacing all these bureaucratic means-tested programs like SNAP, ABD, HEN, unemployment, Medicaid… but at the state level we could only replace the state-funded ones unless we got waivers from the Feds. I think we need to make sure everyone has housing and health care, but after that a basic income may suffice. (I also think we should fold Medicaid into Medicare which would shift the funding responsibility from the states to DC, and people on Medicaid would get better coverage and care)

Wednesday 13 May

I was really excited about the great monitor and deal I got on it at InterConnection. For $20, I got a Gateway 22″ flat monitor with S-video, composite, VGA, and DVI ports. It also has 4 USB ports. And a metal base, instead of the usual plastic. And they threw in 3 different cables to use it with my Mac. Its regular price was $70. They were really nice and helpful.

But since I have tendinitis (which the doctor didn’t have time to discuss in our 15 minute appointment), and the monitor was a little heavy, and it was raining, I thought I should drive it home instead of taking it on the bus and train. The car2go navigation directed me to go well out of my way (now that I see the map, which I should’ve checked first) to use the I-5 express lanes INBOUND. But any moron knows the express lanes always go inbound in the morning, and outbound at night. Plus there was a crash at I-5 & SR-520 which caused a backup of at least 9 miles (KUOW said to Shoreline). What I should’ve done was go west to the Fremont Bridge and make my way to Boren/Rainier. So I couldn’t get on I-5 at NE 42nd and went up to NE 45th. But I’m not familiar with the channelization there and didn’t get in the correct lane, so I went up to NE 50th to get on I-5. Good thing I decided the bus ahead was doing a layover and not just stopping! Even at 3:35, I wasn’t surprised that it was a parking lot. Luckily I knew to take the next exit, Roanoke/Boylston, and get to Broadway and Boren/Rainier. I quickly got from the exit to Broadway & Pike, where it took me a good half hour to get a few blocks down to Broadway & Boren. Mind you, this is the exact same traffic the First Hill Streetcar will sit in–if it ever opens. It will run every 10 minutes, but it will move slower than the cars and get no priority. There were some smaller slowdowns on Rainier, but mostly it moved well. MLK moved even better. But I’m paying $27 for the car trip. My time is gone, and I’m very frustrated. And the deadbolt on the front door won’t lock from the inside, so I’ll get blamed for that. I should probably go to the farmer’s market while it’s open for the week. Not sure I’m up to it. I’d like to hibernate for a week or so. My body won’t stop rocking back and forth.

Thursday 14 May

I did the temp job today. After four hours of sleep, I woke up 50 minutes late and arrived 12 minutes late. The six of us didn’t finish both mailings, so they asked for volunteers to return tomorrow. I offered but was told they only needed the two women. So I grossed $96 today–the same nominal wage I got as an undergraduate in Columbus, Ohio in 1998. A dollar was worth more then, and still goes farther in Columbus than Seattle. And I didn’t have a BA or any work experience outside of McDonald’s and Blimpie. I did get a message from another agency I applied to a while back saying they want to talk to me. 

The girl I sat next to today seemed cute and interesting, and I thought she might also have a slight interest in me, so when we left I asked her out to coffee. She seemed surprised and unsure but agreed and gave me a phone number. We’ll see what happens. I’ve gotten yeses and phone numbers before only to be totally ignored. She lives in North Capitol Hill without a car and wants to move back to NYC for the better transit. She likes cold weather and was interested in the Arctic Circle. She finds it too hot here. I think she smokes, which is a deal breaker for me as I’m allergic, but I don’t really expect anything to happen anyway.