Job Possibilities

This is both good and frustrating.

There’s a dog training place right near me that I sent my resume to asking if they might have any jobs open. The owner met with me this morning. They do use substitute people for walking and other tasks when someone is sick or on vacation, etc. And being a sub is the entry path to real jobs there. If I got a UBI number (business license?), she could refer people to me for sitting and walking. She also invited me to come in and watch their classes to learn more about dog training. We made an appointment for me to go observe/help this Friday. I’d be on my feet a lot which isn’t great with my feet, but I’d get more exercise and time with dogs and learn more about them (which would also give me a basis to charge more for my own sitting and walking).

Then the agency I gave up on–the one that cancelled an interview without telling me–called saying they have a 2 month job at Metropolitan Market in West Seattle. It’s full-time at $17/hour doing data entry/analysis which is kind of up my alley. Lots of Excel. And I like Met Market, and $17, while still not a liveable wage in Seattle, is more than I’m seeing from other temp jobs. She asked about my administrative experience which I have plenty of, but it’s a common Aspie trait to be especially bad at answering such questions off the cuff. I expressed strong interest, and she said she’d submit my info to them. The catch is that they may want to do a phone interview Thursday, after which they may want me to start Friday or Monday. I’m already booked (partly double-booked) to sit pets from tomorrow through the 28th. I could reschedule the dog training visit, but not the pet sitting. And part of what I take pride in offering to my pet clients is being with them pretty much all day. Yet if I’m not available for interviews, I’ll never get any temp (or real) jobs. OH! I forgot to tell the agency my hand is out of commission until at least Friday, limiting my ability to work at a computer for now.

So the prospect of one or both of these potential jobs is hopeful, but it’s really hard to manage so much at once.


Injury Costs Me a Job

I told the temp agency I can’t use my hand this week. They won’t let me switch jobs with someone else, so I lose out on a day of work at $14/hour. I thought work and opportunity in America were available based on merit, skill, intelligence, hard work. So much for paid sick leave. And obviously I can’t even say anything about it because that would probably lead them to blacklist me. This really pisses me off. The same number of people are switching assignments either way. AARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I met with a new pet sitting client who’s a friend of a friend. She kept me there talking to me for 5 hours, at which point there was only 1 bus left going home. I was running downhill for that bus when I fell on the sidewalk and fractured a bone in my wrist. So much for dedication or hard work!)

Quelque-chose a penser

What advice would you give a diabetic in 1915 (before they discovered insulin)? How about a PTSD victim from the Civil War? A schizophrenic in the 18th century? A depressed denizen of the 17th century? A sleep apnea sufferer in the 16th century?

Now, imagine someone who’s in the exact same position today. You don’t really think medicine has reached the point of isolating, identifying, and treating or curing every malady people suffer, do you?

My Comments on Metro Future Survey

turn Rapid Ride into true BRT. waiting 23 minutes for the E Line in the middle of a weekday isn’t fast OR frequent. BRT does not work without dedicated lanes; you need to be more aggressive with local governments to require that as a condition of better service. B/C/D/F are “frequent” but hardly fast. RR should use off-board payment 24/7, then expand it to other busy routes before expanding RR.

Mark frequent service routes on their schedules and stops like PDX. Frequent lines need signal priority along as much of their routes as possible; not just downtown and some RR.

Websites and smartphone apps need to let riders check how much time is left before their transfer expires–this is important to poor folks who rely on transit, yet it’s excluded from the ORCA site, One Bus Away, and all current trip planning sites and apps.

Start replacing 2×2 seat buses with 2×1 seating to make room for more standees. You’re too vulnerable to one bus getting overcrowded now and having it mess up headways along the whole route. (you also need to shift from schedule management to headway management)

You need to more aggressively tell the public why a bus with 40 people deserves more priority to limited roadway than cars with 1 person, and how prioritizing streets for transit benefits everyone–including highway tolls! You also need to push cities harder on safe, accessible foot access to and from stops. (and too many Metro drivers are definitely running red lights and failing to yield to their very own pedestrian riders lately)

We need real-time info (and cell coverage) in the DSTT. It would be UNCONSCIONABLE to let Link stop running as early at night as it does now once U Link opens. Those are young, dense, booze-soaked neighborhoods; if we’re building the infrastructure, we need to run it so people have a safe alternative to drunk driving after last call. ST & Metro need to agree on keeping the DSTT open past 2am at least on weekends, and Metro should run the 97 all night while Link is closed. 20-30 min headways and ST subsidy if needed, but we need the service.

I-5 express lanes must be converted to two-way HOV like I-90. More HOV lanes and ramps.

Do everything possible to minimize the need for transit and SOVs to share space or interact. It’s too easy for one impertinent driver to break the law and hold buses up, and they never get punished for it.