Wrist/Work Update

Wrist update: (fell and broke scaphoid August 5)

I saw the doctor today. They took x-rays, and he thinks the fracture is healed. He said I can wean myself off of the splint over the next week. No explicit weight limit, but that I should resume using my hand/wrist gradually. No physical or occupational therapy for now, and he wants to see me again in 2 months when they’ll take more x-rays. Oddly, my temperature was just 95.3, even after double checking.

I have to visit some pet-friendly hotels and apartment buildings in the next week to leave promotional materials. I was the only male and only car-free person of 7 people. Most of my sites are downtown Bellevue or near the Mercer Island park and ride. They aren’t doing anything in the city yet, which is good and bad.