At Death’s Door?

I had my PT evaluation. My strength and range of motion are pretty weak. Medicaid doesn’t cover many visits, so I need more discipline to do exercises at home. They also said I should ice it daily (and agreed this is a better use of frozen peas than eating them. Peas are evil and disgusting). The therapist I worked with and asked out last year still works there but is transferring. I have a new therapist, but at least they have my history from before.

I haven’t figured out how to say anything about this, but my grandmother in RI has not been doing very well. In and out of the hospital and various issues. She’s 94. I’m nervous about getting a call and having to suddenly go out there. It’s not the end at this point, but she’s 94, and various things are coming to a head. I’m not aware of any blood relative living to 100, though almost all reach 90. It’s a real historical anomaly that I’m 39 and still have 3 living grandparents. The fourth died in 1987, so I haven’t gone through this in a long time. My grandfather in St. Louis is nearly 95. I didn’t think he was still on email, but he answered a message on another topic with an extraordinarily bitter and nasty email about basic income. He’s been declining for years and fades in and out of dementia. He’s really always been a bitter, unpleasant person (yes, worse than me), but he made himself a focal point of the extended family. I don’t know of specific recent health issues with him, but he’s plenty old with plenty of ongoing problems.

My grandmother in St. Louis is 88. She’s in better health than the other two, though she’s also had some moderate scares. She’s gone overboard on physical health for decades while completely ignoring mental health which has to be the bigger threat to both of them overall. These are the grandparents we had to live with in high school, and they seem so codependent to me that I’m not sure how long either could last without the other.

In short, I’m lucky to have three grandparents alive, but none are going to be around a lot longer. The way my parents, and sisters by extension, deal with (or refuse to deal with) the reality of these situations is going to make them even harder than they’d already be. There’s going to be a lot to sort out when they’re gone, about which there’s been no discussion at all. I tried to gently raise the subject when my parents visited, but it didn’t work. My paternal grandmother in particular is on the secretive side of my family, and many secrets are likely to come out once she can’t conceal them. I don’t know what, and it doesn’t seem like I can do anything to prepare for all this other than waiting for the second–and third and fourth–shoes to drop. I’ll be 40 this year and realize I should take better care of myself, but there are many limiting factors.