New TV antenna doesn’t work of course. Refund supposedly processing. The digital TV conversion was awful for the poor who can’t receive broadcast channels anymore. I can’t watch Jeopardy or PBS.

Not getting fined for the dog bite, but owners will probably have to give up their dog.

Interviewed with a bad temp agency that I did a great job for a few years ago. We’ll see if anything happens. They never have anything that pays a decent wage, is meaningful, lasts for any length of time, has benefits, or even gives you more than a couple days notice, which isn’t enough for me to give my walking and sitting clients. Their disclosure on Seattle’s paid sick and safe time law warns that you can lose an assignment by taking paid time off. Legally they’re not allowed to  retaliate, but of course they can say the assignment is gone. Another classic example of stupid, shortsighted, closed-minded, unrealistic liberal policy Seattle likes rather than thinking rationally and adopting true solutions like a basic income.

I’m exhausted pretty much all the time due to my autistic neurology but therefore lack the ability to do anything about it. The volume of things I have to do piles up far more quickly than I can get anything done. Sixteen tons…

Grandma’s ashes being buried in Florida in March, and I have to pay my own way now. Those were the miles I was going to use for a long overdue trip to Ohio or maybe Nevada.


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