Make English Great Again!

Language is supposed to be written with capitalization and punctuation–at least to be correct–which ultimately is so it can be read and understood. It honestly is harder for me to comprehend the more common poorly written language, like this:

this is the typical writing we see not only on social media but on blogs and even news sites or sites that purport to be news. it is basically English with no capitalization and very infrequent punctuation and it is harder to decipher and follow it just doesn’t flow the way language should when you read it there also tend to be spelling syntax and grammar errors which I wont try to imitate HOWEVER what it does retain is the ancient and very helpful convention of inserting spaces between words we can thank the ancient greeks for that thanks ancient greeks but in all seriousness as long as we are giving up quality and clarity and millennia of learned lessons incorporated into the conventions of language in exchange for speed and volume what is to stop us from regressing even further and shedding these useful ancient greek spaces between words.



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