This blog takes its name from this great scene in Mel Brooks’ “History of the World Part 1”. I think it wonderfully encapsulates so much so efficiently. It depicts a meeting of the Roman Senate, while I later worked in the US Senate. Like ancient Rome, the US simply does not care about poverty or people in it. Our attitudes, programs, priorities, and policies largely flow from that basic premise.


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  1. I would really like to communicate with the author of this site, Jon.
    I am on face book but would like to hear via email first so we can connect. I have just this past week, been dealing with Sue Selman at Bellwether. My partner and I live at one of the buildings Bellwether Manages. I think we have much in common and would like to join forces and enlist others in the community who are being preyed upon by so many Non Profits and Government Agencies who feed of the Poor, Disabled and Seniors. This is a multi Billion dollar industry preying upon the poor and in Washington State alone there are about 50 thousand people making a very good living off the poor. Yet they consume much of the monies that are set aside actually for the poor.
    Hope to hear form you Jon…my name is John and I live on Capital Hill.


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