What’s wrong with you?

I’m a survivor (such as it is) of child abuse. I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, sleep apnea, Asperger’s Syndrome (the DSM-V can go fuck itself), ADD, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and depression. I have been suicidal on and off since at least 1991. I attempted once. I overcame social anxiety in 2004 and am convinced I have PTSD from both childhood abuse and the sudden death of my boss and hero in 2002. I get panic attacks in my sleep. I had to drop out of graduate school in 2006 for health reasons, and they’ve snowballed ever since. I’ve worked just 6 months at a professional job (where I was bullied and denied ADA accommodation) since 2005. I have no income. I have never had a romantic relationship. MENSA says my IQ is in the 97th percentile of the population. I understand and get along with animals better than most people. I am, by nature, an activist with a throbbing passion and urgency for fairness and social justice.


One thought on “What’s wrong with you?

  1. What’s wrong with you will never come close to what’s right with you. I don’t mean to make light of your struggles by any means, but I think you know that I admire you on many levels.


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